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Your Time

Monthly three-day training sessions are offered during the following semesters:

— Spring: Jan-May

— Fall: Aug-Dec

Your Investment

— Commitment from the planting couple to be in person for all training sessions

Service Description

Establishing a healthy, disciple-making church in the density, diversity, and disparity of the urban context can feel overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Our 5 month holistic church planting training equips planting couples to create a culture of disciple-making and mobilize their church to engage the city.


Join us for a transformative experience where a planting couple can learn and grow together.


Prepare to plant.

Invest in your marriage.

Learn from other urban planters.

Reach your BLVD.


Training with Dr. Dhati Lewis.

Your Experience

— Urban-focused, discipleship-driven training

— Roundtables & coaching

— Wives Track

— Reading & Writing Assignments

— Ministry Partnership Development

— A cohort of practitioners to learn, grow, and connect with


Church Planting Training designed for Planting Couples

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